Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Cards

Princess Marci

Faerie Marci

cowboy Luka

Mermaid Marci
Fisherman Luka
Hello, Here are some of my cards that I have made. My Princess Marci at top was on the la la land craft 4 kids Challenge and I was lucky and won the challenge. My next card is Faerie Marci, I put flowers and a butterfly on it. I used mum's butterfly punch.My next card is cowboy Luka, I like the buttons. Next is Mermaid Marci, I got to use the cuttlebug to cut the circle out. My last card is Fisherman Luka an I made this card for my Dad's Birthday. He love it. I love the feathers in his hat. I get to use mum's copic pens for my pictures. Mum help me with my measuring an lining up the paper to cut it. I love making cards.

                     From Charlotte

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  1. Hi my name is Isabella. I am following your blog and I have my own blog too. I love your cards you are very good...